Organic Gyokuro


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This tea is one of our rarest teas from Japan. Gyokuro is known as “Precious Jade Dew” and is hand picked in one of the famous shaded tea gardens located in Yame, Japan. This tea is offered in limited quantities.

Translating to jade dew in English, Gyokuro tea differs from the standard sencha in being grown under the shade rather than with direct sunlight. Gyokuro is one of the most expensive types of sencha available in Japan. It was first discovered in 1835 by Yamamoto Kahei. The final process for this decadent tea was completed by a separate manufacturer at the start of the Meiji period. 

2 ounce bag of organic loose leaf tea. On average, 2 ounces of loose leaf tea makes twenty 16 ounce pots of tea, when you brew the tea leaves just once. Most of our teas can be brewed more than once.


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