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Organic Sleepy Time


This tea is amazing. Many people have gotten off sleeping pills with this special tea. After about a week you don’t even need the tea!

Ingredients all organic: chamomile, lavender, rose petal, valerian root

2 ounce bag of organic loose leaf tea. On average, 2 ounces of loose leaf tea makes twenty 16 ounce pots of tea, when you brew the tea leaves just once. Most of our teas can be brewed more than once.

  1. Zikomo Jones (verified owner)

    Very good tea. Really enjoy it. I do have a question, how can I not make it bitter? I have a 7gram scoop that I’ll use for a typical coffee press. Even at 1/2 of the 7 gram I’ll still get a bitter after tone. It’ll take practice I know, no complaints just want to get the measure right. Thanks. Still a great drink to end the night before bed!

  2. Abi Cowell

    Hello Zikomo! We’re so glad you’re enjoying your Organic Sleepy Time Tea. We recommend using a heaping teaspoon of tea for 8 ounces of water. For that tea, we recommend steeping it in 195 degree hot water. Alkaline water will give you the best taste. We hope these suggestions are helpful to you!

    – Your friends at The Path of Tea

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