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Organic Qu Hao


Multiple tips with a delicate, elegantly twisted leaf. The aroma is exquisitely fresh and mild. Grown in cloudy, moist conditions, Qu Hao is a rare tea: the high quality leaves are picked only once a year, between the end of March and early April. The tea is hand dried by pressing it against the sides of a hot wok. This is one of China’s most highly regarded teas, and only available in limited quantities. It is from the Wuyi Mountains and is processed green all year. Once a year it is processed black. This is a MUST try tea! It has no bitterness.

2 ounce bag of organic loose leaf tea. On average, 2 ounces of loose leaf tea makes twenty 16 ounce pots of tea, when you brew the tea leaves just once. Most of our teas can be brewed more than once.


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