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The Tea Maker


Order The Tea Maker teapot to make a perfect pot of tea at home!

Product Description

This is the tea pot we use at The Path of Tea for our “small pot”.  The Tea Maker holds 16 ounces.

The Tea Maker has a Stainless Steel Infuser.  The unique built-in tea infuser can be lowered or raised and locked in place to make delicious loose leaf tea.

Tea needs plenty of space in which to develop its full aroma.  The tea leaves must float freely in the pot, absorb as much water as possible and transfer their taste and aroma to the water effectively.  Existing methods of making tea are either complex and inconvenient, or fail to take these tea-brewing principles into account.  The built-in infuser gently sways while the tea is steeping, providing a fine pot of tea.


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