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2009 Best Tea House Award by Click2Houston

Welcome to The Path of Tea

The Path of Tea offers the finest premium organic and fair trade garden direct teas of each season. Our teas are priced and sold in 2 ounce quantities (approximately 20 cups when the tea is infused only once - many teas may be infused multiple times with excellent results). View Selection

The Path of Tea

Why Organic Teas?

Usda Organic

Unlike fruits and vegetables that may be washed (or peeled) after harvest, tea leaves are never washed, so anything sprayed on the tea plants ultimately ends up in your cup.

What Are You Drinking?

Texas’ First

Certified Tea Master

Certified Tea Master

"If people are able to better understand what organic tea can do to heal the body, and spirit it can make a huge contribution in our world."
~Thia McKann

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2340 W Alabama St Houston,TX 77098

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Monday - Friday 10am-9pm

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